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How Can Small Businesses Use AI to Identify the Intent of Purchase?

By priyanka261990 | February 25, 2020

Artificial intelligence helps companies detect buying signals from customers or website visitors by analysing and interpreting data. Let’s see how small businesses can benefit from using AI to identify the intent of purchase. In today’s […]

Importance of Sentimental Analytics for Small Businesses: A Quick Guide

By priyanka261990 | February 10, 2020

Sentiment analytics has proven to be a useful tool for marketers; it helps them identify if their business is engaging its target audience or not. Let us understand how. While it is always a challenge […]

How Can Traditional Businesses Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Sales?

By priyanka261990 | February 4, 2020

Traditional organizations are tapping into data, algorithms and digital networks to compete with their rivals. Artificial intelligence has a deep impact on sales, operations and strategy. There are three critical elements of business growth – […]