To grow your eCommerce business, you need to leverage specific tools to ensure smooth logistical operations, clear communication strategies, and constant sales. 

If there’s one big trend in retail, it is the increasing number of sales happening online. Naturally, as of today, eCommerce accounts for 16.4% of the overall retail industry. In 2018, there were 1.8 billion digital buyers across the globe, and that number will only increase in the coming years.

Besides, the eCommerce share of the total global retail sales projects an increase from 14.1% in 2019 to 22% in 2023. In the US, a total of 96% of shoppers have made at least one online purchase in their life – which is enormous!

The eCommerce share of the total global retail sales projects an increase from 14.1% in 2019 to 22% in 2023.


Therefore, there’s no denying the fact that the eCommerce sector has massive potential in the current market scenario. The advancement in technology has accelerated product innovation and transformed buyer behavior.

eCommerce stores focus primarily on providing personalized experiences and more significant benefits to their customer base – something which was not the trend until a few years ago.

Therefore, if you are looking to establish a successful eCommerce business, you need to leverage specific tools and tactics to ensure smooth logistical operations, clear communication strategies, and of course, a constant flow of sales.

Here you go:

  1. For higher visibility and control of your marketing and sales performance – Datoin

Datoin is an automated AI platform for helping improve performance of sales at eCommerce companies. Datoin helps eCommerce companies have visibility into following simple metrics to fetch better control of their engagement campaigns:

  • Churn rate for the month
  • List of customers likely to churn
  • Predicted demand for each merchandise
  • Predictions on pricing that might fetch higher transactions
  • Forecasting daily sales

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Datoin has been designed to be used by business executives. End users are not expected to be data scientists to use Datoin. Datoin believes that the power of ML is in subject matter expertise and understanding of the domain, as opposed to understanding of data science and machine learning.

  1. For increased customer referrals: Talkable

Talkable’s a tool that helps you design and manage successful referral programs for your customers. A recent study by Referral SaaSquatch found that 68.67% of referred customers ended up converting, which makes the tactic important regardless of which industry you are in.

Talkable allows you to design eye-catching campaigns such as standalone referrals pages, floating referral widgets, and post-purchase pop-up overlays. The tool features an in-built fraud detection feature that carries out a multi-check verification for each channel.

For increased customer referrals: Talkable

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This helps to reduce the number of false claims and minimize the losses you would incur from fake referrals.

  1. For better product discovery: is an end-to-end retail automation tool that is making use of AI to redesign the future of retail. It uses data science and image recognition to extract catalog data, identifies trends in user behavior, and provides your marketing team with actionable insights on how to boost conversions, bring down costs and improve customer experiences.

For better product discovery:

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The tool also automates the retail experience to be tailored to each customer, including product search and discovery, merchandise layout, styling, cross-selling, and re-targeting. is apt for you, especially if you are in the online fashion sector.

  1. For improved customer engagement: Metrilo

Metrilo is a powerful analytics platform that’s designed specifically for eCommerce businesses like yours. It allows you to collate and visualize all your eCommerce data in one convenient platform. The metrics it analyzes include:

  • The average number of orders per customer
  • Average order values, your cart abandonment rate
  • Number of one-time buyers versus returning customers
  • Your website conversion rate, checkout completion
  • Amount of revenue each of your marketing campaigns brought in

For improved customer engagement: Metrilo

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Metrilo also includes a CRM tool, an email marketing tool, and a customer retention platform – all of which enable your eCommerce company to thrive thanks to smart use of data.

  1. For push notifications: Truepush

Truepush is a powerful tool that targets your audience with personalized push notifications and brings them back to your website. It segments your users dynamically and creates customized triggers based on different kinds of activities such as downloads, browser abandonment, cart abandonment, views, and so on.

For push notifications: Truepush

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The tool also lets you send notifications in your customer’s timezone so that they receive it when they are active online. What’s more, you can A/B test different kinds of notifications to see which combinations and timings are working best.

You can easily integrate Truepush with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on desktop and Samsung Internet Browser and Chrome for Android on mobile.

  1. For fully-functional chat support: Zobot

Zobot is a tool that allows you to create your versatile chatbots for your eCommerce site. With only a few lines of code required, Zobot lets you pick from over 15 pre-built templates to build any chatbot – ranging from simple store navigation guides to in-depth support functions – whatever you like.

For fully-functional chat support: Zobot

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Drag-and-drop widgets help you customize features such as single and multi-selectors, calendars, maps, help lists, and rating scales. With Zobot, you can create chatbots that greet your customers, keep up friendly conversations, initiate transactions, resolve issues, and close deals – basically anything you need to ensure customer engagement.

The tool also allows you to integrate your chatbot easily with your existing CRMs. What’s more, you get useful insights on the customers using your chatbot so that you can segregate your leads into hot, warm, and cold more effectively.

  1. For a comprehensive product suite: Freshworks

Freshworks is a feature-packed, user-friendly business software that provides a fresh approach to CRM, for every industry.

It includes various tools such as customer support software Freshdesk, customer messaging software Freshchat, IT service management software Freshservice, sales CRM software FreshSales, call center software FreshCaller, agile project management software FreshRelease and human resources software Freshteam.

For a comprehensive product suite: Freshworks

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Freshworks’ USP lies in providing simple, intuitive, and efficient software that businesses across the world can trust. It can also be easily integrated with other CRMs and software solution that your eCommerce company is using.

Summing it up

Now is a transformation time in e-retail. The customers are in the driver’s seat, empowered more than ever to drive changes in their shopping behavior. The above-mentioned tools not only have the potential to boost your sales but also keep your customers engaged.

However, remember that what works for one eCommerce store may not always work for you. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of tools to find out what works best for your eCommerce business.

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