Setting up sales teams for success

with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Rise above the current sales paradigm with absolute control and efficacy.

Commonly used sales automation tools are built to increase the efficiency and productivity of sales teams by automating administrative tasks and other everyday activities. While this does make internal processes seamless, they are not result-driven. This is why, it's essential to shift the focus of business leaders towards effectiveness and profitability, thereby streamlining the sales efforts.


Consider this - recent studies reveal that sales executive spend only 35% of their time actually pitching to clients. The rest is spent on non-revenue related activities like planning, entering data manually, updating CRM, customer management, and more. Moreover, there are no effective KPIs for performance measurement. As a result, companies face low lead conversion and high attention rates.

Now, what if we say that you can turn your business around for the better with our advances, intelligently built solution?

We bring to you our one-of-a-kind, supersmart AI sales aide that is designed to effectively streamline all your sales processes - from planning to performance management.


What do we do?

Learn, predict and prioritize insights from the sales data

Package the insights into consumable and executable form

Deliver insights to the stakeholders that are relevant to them

Nudge stakeholders to act, at the right time



Our models are built for the benefit of all stakeholders and the data is converted into understandable insights -- enabling sales executives to make the right



We democratized AI by making it accessible to domain experts - so they can customize their modules based on their needs. This drastically reduces the time and cost involved in adoption.



Our modelssolutions can be easily integrated into every stage of the sales proccess - from forecasting future trends to managing employee performance.

Here's how you can seamlessly integrate Datoin Platform
into your business operations with minimal disruption:



Incorporate our technology into your existing CRM. At present, we support numerous software such as SAP, C4C, and Salesforce.



Get our mobile and web-based applications for comprehensive insights.



Plugin our pre-baked solutions into your existing systems.